Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bills Scrambled Eggs Really Are That Good

Some things are over-hyped. Like Facebook. Kylie's bum. And the Toyota Prius. But Bills scrambled eggs really are the best you will ever have. Anywhere. In the world. Or the Galaxy. Or the entire Universe. So silky. So light. So creamy. So good.

best scrambled eggs ever

At one point, Mr Bills himself came flouncing through the restaurant, and I was almost tempted to bow down and indenture myself as his life-long slave. But then I tasted the crappy bacon. How can such fine eggs be served with such pathetic, soggy little parcels of bacon? Shame, shame, shame...

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Anonymous Ellie said...

That scramble does look pretty insane, unlike any scrambled eggs I've ever seen in my life! Do we get elaboration as to why you think they're that good?

Ellie @ Kitchen Wench

4/12/07 08:53  
Blogger Andrew said...

Wow...that texture looks perfect to my taste.

I looked at Michel Roux "Eggs" book a while ago (yeah...the Michelin 3 star dude). In my opinion, his scramble technique was really bad. Basically, he suggested to keep stirring them so that you ended up with a fine grained, creamy finish. The end result is your typical Hotel buffet scrambled eggs. Not to my taste.

As you suggest, Bill's scramble looks to be the benchmark. Nice curds, light and creamy.

4/12/07 10:44  
Blogger stickyfingers said...

Bill Granger's Scrambled Eggs
(recipe per person)

2eggs, 1/3 cup cream,
a pinch of salt, 10g butter

Place eggs, cream and salt in a bowl and whisk together. Melt butter in a non-stick fry pan over a high heat taking care not to burn the butter. Pour in the egg mixture and cook for 20 seconds or until gently set around the edges. Stir the eggs with a wooden spoon, gently bringing the egg mixture on the outside of the pan to the centre.

The idea is to fold the eggs rather than to scramble them. Leave to cook for 20 seconds and repeat the folding process. When the eggs are just set - remembering that they will continue to cook as they rest - turn out onto a plate and serve with hot toast.

NOTE: if you ar making more than two serves of scrambled eggs, make sure you cook them in seperate batches so as not to crowd the frying pan.

6/12/07 12:59  
Anonymous Ken said...

Thank you stickyfingers. Tried the recipe this morning and it worked beautifully... saves me a trip to Darlinghurst for the real deal.

8/12/07 17:39  
Blogger Tui said...

Bills has been a must-do stop whenever I'm in Sydney, which, admittedly, isn't often. I visited again at the weekend and was disappointed with the scrambled eggs this time. It's not that they weren't light and creamy. They were. It's just that someone had forgotten that all-important pinch of salt. It's a little thing but without it, scrambled eggs, no matter how soft and creamy, are just dull.

20/8/08 13:24  
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