Sunday, October 07, 2007

Caffe Sienna, South Yarra

If you like posing and perving, then get yourself to Caffe Sienna, 402 Chapel Street, South Yarra, Tel +61 3 9827 1353. It is a poser's and perve's paradise. And if you manage to score a table fronting onto Chapel Street, there's generally plenty to perve at. You know... Ducatis and Lamborghinis and hot chicks and stuff like that.

eggs sienna

The "mediterranean" pork sausage looked like it got caught in a Ducati sprocket, but it was tasty and good. The scrambled eggs Sienna were also pretty good, souped up with capsicum, spring onion, bacon bits and tasty cheese. The toast ("Jurgens cob") was a bit dry and stale.

The menu aims to cover all bases for its target customers. For the skinny, narcissistic, Posh lookalike, there's Special K (presumably a small bowl served with low-fat water). For the iron-man lookalike there's a bowl of Nutri-Grain, followed by a "Big Brekki" of eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushroom and mass-produced hash browns. Or your choice of muesli, porridge, bagels, croissants and omelettes.

Service was OK, but not great, mostly because it was slow and not very attentive. I hate it when staff are nowhere to be found, right when you need them. Like when you want to see a menu, or place an order, or pay the bill, etc.

12/20 "impressive sausage"


Eggs & Bacon $9.70 BB100 -3%

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Blogger Victoria said...

Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog. It's almost amazing that there's a blog all about breakfast-my absolute favourite meal of the day. And right here in Melbourne. YUMM.=)

15/10/07 22:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New posts please, tired of looking at the same old ones.

22/10/07 07:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not being rude, but how about some new posts

23/10/07 09:44  
Anonymous Visit to find more said...

For the skinny, narcissistic, Posh lookalike, there's Special K (presumably a small bowl served with low-fat water). For the iron-man lookalike - really quirky! I love the description, but I am not sure I want to go there, maybe just to sit and to observe the Chapel street, because this is seems to be the best part of this place.

9/7/15 18:45  
Anonymous said...

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20/7/15 18:54  
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