Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rose's Cafe, San Francisco

They serve a very impressive chicken and tarragon sausage at Rose's Cafe, 2298 Union at Steiner, Cow Hollow, San Francisco, Tel +1 415 775 2200.

roses sausage and eggs

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the new posts, they were long overdue! Everything looks so delicious.

9/10/07 20:59  
Anonymous JWo2 said...

Wow is that polenta and eggs?

10/10/07 08:28  
Blogger Iron-Man said...

Wow, that look's amazing###!!!

13/10/07 00:23  
Anonymous Pedro el Chino said...

It *was* amazing. The housemade spicy tomato sauce added a perfect grace note to the creamy polenta and perfectly poached eggs.

24/10/07 15:16  
Blogger jason z said...

loved Rose's Cafe

25/4/09 10:55  
Anonymous Research paper writing service said...

Wooowww.. Delicious. Thanks for the share.

19/12/15 18:00  
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