Saturday, November 03, 2007

Caffe Veloce, South Yarra

Next time you're shopping for a new Maserati, fuel up at Caffe Veloce, 9-11 Claremont Street, South Yarra, Tel +61 3 8080 9995. Conveniently located in the middle of Dutton's ultra-luxury-tosser car showroom, Veloce allows you to stare at fancy cars as you eat breakfast. Actually, I think it's all pre-loved cars at Duttons, so you should really only come here for an old Maserati. No Gran Turismo's here, unfortunately.


Breakfast options are simple but good. Eggs are either scrambled or poached ($12-14), the latter served with a delicious, buttery sauteed spinach, tasty bacon, and Baker D. Chirico sourdough toast. No complaints about the quality of the eggs, but one was hard-poached.

An interesting lighter option is the biancomangiare (a "yoghurt terrine"), served with "mint coulis" and strawberries ($8). This was excellent.

Veloce's edge, however, is that they have their own pastry chefs slaving away in the basement. So, you can drop in for a coffee (a very good signature blend of Di Lorenzo) and scoff down a few house-made custard bombaloni or rip into some excellent fritella (doughnut-like frisbee's sprinkled with sugar).

Finally, in the interests of full disclosure, Veloce is where I lost my virginity. I was given a free sampling of various dishes at a launch thing hosted by the boss, Mauro Marcucci (of Caffe e Cucina fame, yadda yadda yadda). I did, however, go back on the sly (paying for my own breakfast), and the two experiences were not wildly different.

16/20 "uova in camicia"


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Blogger Katja said...

I wasn't too impressed with the hot breakfast here, except for the bacon. It was the best bacon I have yet to taste in Melbourne. The coffee was good too... nice and strong.

12/11/07 14:27  
Blogger grocer said...

it looks like the eggs have been poached using the "cling film" method. does this bother you at all?

katja - i think the bacon at il solito posto is good? have you tried it? that and a serving of "tomatoes on toast" for want of a better way to describe it. heaven!

22/11/07 20:19  
Blogger info said...

Caffe Veloce has changed owners and now is Veloce Restaurant Bar. Please feel free to come visit Veloce and try own new menu...Italian inspired breakfast menu from our argentinian/italian chef...Pablo..Looking forward to seeing you there!

23/2/11 14:18  
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