Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blog of Note Brunches on Spam

What does it mean to be a Blog of Note? Well apparently it means that your comment traffic goes bananas. Before BoN status, maybe 2 or 3 comments per post. After BoN status, 20 or 30 comments per post. Some of it Spam. Some of it bacon. You can keep the Spam. The bacon is very welcome. Thanks.

blog of note

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Blogger Litong said...

Congrats on your blogs of note! I love this blog, and i love breakfast! =]

16/4/07 17:41  
Blogger Little Miss Moi said...

Dear Jamie. I noticed you were getting some crazy spam. I'm just a humble semi-lurker who gets hungry reading your blog. Congrats on being a blog of note.

17/4/07 02:08  
Blogger Little Miss Moi said...

Dear Jamie. OK Me again. I'm not stalking you. I just went to the blogs of note page (didn't realise it was a blogger thing) and I think I'm convinced that I never want to become a blog of note (not that I have any chance of being!). I visited Tokyo Girl DownUnder - I have seen her blog before - and all these weirdos are commenting on her blog. If I were you, I'd consider enabling comment moderation. I, for one, don't mind if my occasional comment on your blog doesn't show for a few hours (or gets rejected by you!). Hmm. Anyhoo, that's my rant for now.

Oh, out of interest, in Russian, there is a verb 'to eat breakfast'. And a separate one for 'eating lunch' and 'eating dinner'. The verb is 'Zavtrakat'.

(Okkaayy now I sound like one of those weird blogs of note spammers). Au revoir!

17/4/07 02:19  
Blogger plumpy said...

omgosh you're based in melbourne! So all these scrumptious reviews are really really close to me! i can feel myself salivating...i can't wait to try out your recommendations.
Delicious blog.

19/4/07 00:54  
Anonymous John - Melbourne said...

Well I'm vegetarian so I guess this is neither Spam nor bacon. Probably just asparagus or the like. Hope you don't put this in the Spam basket, but as a melbournian you may like to check out Melbourne In Photos, my photoblog. you can find it at
Enjoy. Thanks for the meal!

20/4/07 14:16  
Blogger Love to Knit said...


21/4/07 16:44  
Anonymous Andy said...

Nice site. Good to see someone else takes an interest in breakfasts too! Check out mine for Irish breakfasts.

What is a 'blog of note'?

25/4/07 09:02  
Blogger Lady of Musotopia said...

Hehehe... spam to bacon :)
Hilarious! Congratulations on the Blog of Note achievement by the way (I remember that's how I came across this blog)

26/4/07 20:29  
Blogger Mike "Pie is a Food not a Number" Tanner said...

Well, I must say without the "Blog of Note" tagging I would not have come across this blog so easily. As it has similar subject matter to my blog (okay that's a bit of a plug) I'm glad to have found it.

9/5/07 06:28  

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