Monday, February 06, 2006

International Gastronome, Moi?

In this month's Australian Gourmet Traveller, fellow food-blogger Ed Charles lifts the kimono on the local scene. Like most insider accounts, it's a good read. A journalistic menu de degustation of food blogs in Australia and beyond, including the humble breakfast blog. I'm not sure about the international gastronome tag. And I'm not a hip Asian woman. But I am a food blogger. Eat my words.


Anonymous peabody said...

Woo! That's fantastic!

Cheers from Canada!

7/2/06 13:55  
Blogger cin said...

there was an editorial error: there is no world beyond that of hip asian women...

or maybe I should venture out more :-)

7/2/06 19:30  
Blogger Sarah said...

No, Cin, you were right. The magazine was wrong.


xox Sarah

17/2/06 20:00  

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