Saturday, November 03, 2007

At least The Guardian doesn't hate blogs

Unlike other blog-hating parts of the dead-tree media, The Guardian seems to like blogs. So much so that they've done a blog by blog guide to Melbourne for the travel section, including three edible/drinkable blogs, namely the Breakfast Blog, Tomato and the Melbourne Coffee Review.


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Blogger vida said...

Hi Jamie, nice to meet you tonight! Vida x

12/11/07 23:29  
Blogger vida said...

Mart is as cute as a button, visually fabulous, food ok!!! Bacon too salty, avocado was brown and way too much lemon (so not sure WHY it was brown, don't want to know now) and bread dare I say it a tad stale... has that sent you into a spin??? Will you punish me by slamming Red Rumba??? Waiting to hear your thoughts... Vida x

14/11/07 14:06  
Blogger grocer said...

LOL! dead wood media!!!

this blog is making me hungry...

18/11/07 11:39  
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