Saturday, August 26, 2006

Black Sausage Omelette

Good quality omelettes are few and far between, so this baby from Replete Providore deserves special praise. Not only was it light and delicious, with a tasty blend of braised cherry tomatoes, softened capsicum and cheese oozing from the middle, but it was crowned a few slices of spicy black sausage... grilled Spanish morcilla, if you're a details person.

black snag omelette

The cheese was Spanish too. A piquant Manchego: the cheese of Don Quixote. Made from sheep's milk, I'm told. The only thing missing was a chilled glass of Manzanilla to wash it all down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Black Sausage was the name Maggie Beer coined when her dishes containing Black Pudding weren't selling. After the name change it was quickly in demand. I love it, especially with scallops....mmm...though for brekkie its excellent with creamy, coddled eggs........aaah!

1/9/06 18:08  
Blogger Candice said...

I´m currently living in Colombia where Morcilla is a staple in my favourite dish, Bandeja Paisa.

This dish consists of red beans, white rice, a fried egg, pork crackling, ground dried mince, avocado and platano is a farmers dish from the Medellín region and I´m mad about it. I´ve already had it for lunch twice this week in the cheap little street side dinners which don´t have menus. I love mixing it all together, every mouthful full of savory flavours.

I´m so happy it´s available in Australia, and from the wonderful photo it looks just as tasty!

2/9/06 08:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now Candice, as a specialty dish from the Medellín region, are you sure there isn't one other secret ingredient you forgot to mention? A bit of rice flour sprinkled on top, perhaps?

3/9/06 12:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Pablo, when a dish is that good you're bound to inhale

3/9/06 13:07  
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