Friday, August 18, 2006

Jonathan's Sandwiches, London

A feature of British Sausage Week this year will be the search for the Supreme Sausage Sarnie, so be sure to write "Sausage Week" very clearly in your diary (or your Blackberry) for every day between 30 October and 5 November, 2006. This morning I did a bit of pre-Sausage-Week research, and sampled the wares at Jonathan's Sandwiches, 17 Cullum Street, London, Tel +44 20 7626 0136. They do a very juicy sausage and egg sarnie, with perhaps a little too much runny yolk for the thin granary bread. But the flavours are excellent, and as long as you don't drip brown sauce, yolk and grease all over your trousers, it makes for a finger-lickin' breakfast-on-the-run.

jonathans sarnie


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