Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jack in the Box, Los Angeles

This particular Jack-in-the-Box breakfast dish was called the "Ultimate Sausage" breakfast sandwich. But I'm struggling to see how this could be the ultimate in sausages. Perhaps they mean "ultimate" in the sense that "this is the last sausage you will ever eat..." or ever want to eat? It's so bad, it will put you off sausages for life.

ultimate sausage

Actually, that's a bit harsh. It was no worse than a Macca's sausage patty. And I did eat it all. In fact, it went very well with the fluffy buns and stick-to-your-teeth plastic cheese. But I can think of many more enjoyable ways to consume that many calories (570 calories per serve, apparently).

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Blogger gigglesoup said...

Uh...Jack in the Box? Great photograph, but LA does have better eggs than Jack in the Box. How about Patty's in Burbank or The Kitchen on the weekends in Silverlake?

13/10/07 07:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you tried some of the other great breakfast fast food too while you were in the States! Carls Jr was a standout if i recall, and most joints will put together a breakfast burrito or biscuits (scones) and gravy... Yum.

15/10/07 08:35  
Blogger Jack said...

How scary does that fae cheese look!
Did you eat it???

21/10/07 14:51  
Blogger Jack said...

...fake, was the word I attempted to type :)

21/10/07 14:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That looks positively repulsive.

No wonder Americans are so fat.

27/10/07 11:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know who is helping you choose your LA breakfasts but they need to be fired. If you are serious about breakfasts and need some local advice, next time email me at and we can talk before you commit similar mistakes.

16/11/07 04:38  

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