Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Minor Place, Brunswick

I wonder if Kelvin Thomson ever wrote a character reference for the nice people at A Minor Place, 103 Albion Street, Brunswick, Tel +61 3 9384 3131? Maybe not. Something tells me they might vote Green. Not that Kelvin needs to worry too much. With a big fat margin of 20%, this is safe labor turf.

a minor breakfast

Which means there's not much chance of Kevin 07 dropping by for an espresso and a quick bite of earwax. Better to focus on the marginals. Like Bennelong.

This is good news for the voters of Wills. They can eat their breakfast in peace. Simple things like homemade crumpets with blackberry butter. Sweet things like french toasted casalinga with pistachio ricotta, stewed rhubarb and maple syrup. Savoury things like a toasted "brontosaurus bagel" with currant relish, fresh tomato, cucumber, avocado, rocket and lemon mustard dressing. And satisfying things like "a minor breakfast" of poached eggs on toast with grilled ham, roast tomato, white beans and spinach (a few leaves of raw spinach, unfortunately).

The food is all good quality stuff (organic free range eggs, etc), but falls just short of top marks. And while the service is efficient (no mistakes), it wouldn't hurt them to throw in the odd smile.

16/20 "brunswick buzz"


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When my husband and I went there, they forgot about us, and we waited over 45 minutes for our food. Quite disappointing, although the food was great when we got it!

29/10/07 16:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good review. Great poached eggs on my visit there too. No smiles though - the place is run by humourless Brunswick lesbians. Grrrr.

29/10/07 17:55  
Blogger Old Bok said...

And the earwax video is worth watching too.

29/10/07 21:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like other reviewers, I've had a couple of disappointments here in the past. Recently, however, the service is attentive and friendly. Weekends are particularly busy (unless you're very early) so customer expectations might need to take this into account. BUT … all that is forgiven because A Minor Place offers the best coffee in Melbourne, better even than Ray. I’ve never known a Melbourne café be so consistent with the quality of the coffee. I think it deserves higher than 16/20. Pity it is on Albion Street, an ordinary suburban road which has been turned into a veritable highway of death by Brunswick’s more kamakaze drivers.

31/10/07 17:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmm... henry's white beans... amazing. jamie, now that you're back in da hood. please try rumi for breakfast... i know it's only saturdays, but those deep fried dukkah eggs really are worth a post unto themselves.

3/11/07 18:55  
Blogger FoodieFi said...

I enjoy A Minor Place, though I have the luxury of normally visiting during weekdays - it's definitely a bit crazy on weekends. I love the french toast with pistachio ricotta: the soft cheese/salty nut combo is a real winner that I keep in my own kitchen now too.

I agree it's very high quality coffee (and strong...I foolishly had two in one sitting once and was still zinging over 12 hours later!) and also that service can be a little perfunctory.

18/1/08 16:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I have given up on 'A Minor Place' the food and coffee may be good but the service is atrocious. Rude, snooty, and lazy. My favourite gripe is the salt ration. We ask for salt - 15 mins later it is delivered in a small bowl in a minuscule amount. Ended up asking for a double serve the next time and saw slightly less again. Personally I'd prefer to manage my own sodium intake! I think people should give the place a miss.

4/9/08 11:48  
Blogger Gus Fontana said...

i would describe the food as average at best. my reasoning is not lack of taste, texture or inferior quality. No. They are unreasonably strict with not altering their menu. They had some poached egg dish with pesto and spinach if i recall correctly and it was too much of a devastation to request the eggs to be scrambled. Scrambled! i was told that i was "tearing apart their menu" and that if i wanted scrambled eggs i would need to order from the scrambled egg menu. i told the 'lady' that i would pay for the damages after i "tore apart her menu" and she just walked away. But it wasn't too much to ask for ham! they can add something extra like ham but they cant scramble an egg unless the menu says so? And be so rude and accusing? I for one am never going back there ever and i will advise all people i know to do the same. Oh yes, and the coffee came 20 MINUTES after our food arrived.

12/5/09 13:49  
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