Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Harbour Plaza, Hong Kong

They seem to like a grand and glitzy foyer in Hong Kong. The Harbour Plaza is no exception. Lots of marble. Lots of glass. Impressive views. And a chef who makes omelettes right in front of you, on demand. Quite a decent omelette, too.

harbour plaza


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naaah, Kaya toast is a Singaporean thing! In Hong Kong they eat noodles, dim sum and occasionally congee for brekkie, but often you'll find them in little, down at the heel cafes, chowing down on (sweet) white toast, fried eggs with frankfurts or canned ham with ketchup. On the side they'll be slurping a mug of coffee made with condensed milk and a tablespoon of sugar. Trust me, I'm half Honky. ;-)

31/8/06 22:02  
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