Sunday, March 30, 2008

Greasy Joe's Slips

Finally, after all this time, Babka has a challenger (and I'm not talking beans). Greasy Joe's can thank the waitress in the stripy red top for its rapid slide from the Breakfast Blog Top 20 to not-worth-wasting-your-time-and-money. Not only did they fail to clear plates, and forget about coffee orders for well over 30 minutes, but when we walked up to re-order and inquire, they really didn't care. A couple of us even made a point of clearing our own plates, but still no-one got the message that perhaps we'd like some service.

eggs benedict

Here are some tips for anyone running a cafe or restaurant:

1. Please try to look at the customers as you buzz about the venue. There is nothing more frustrating to be waiting for some help, your head bobbing up and down like a prairie dog, only to be treated like an invisible hobbit wearing the ring of power.

2. Make sure that, having ignored tip #1, when a customer starts wandering aimlessly around the venue in search of assistance, you show them some love and tell them you're sorry, even if you have to fake it. At this point, the customer may be a little sarcastic, as in, "Do you think maybe we could get our coffees within the next hour or two?" Don't be sarcastic back. Don't tell them "there's no need to be rude." Don't give them lip. Because if you've kept someone waiting over 30 minutes for a cup of coffee, they've earned a free pass to make at least two sarcastic comments, maybe even three. Grit your teeth and smile.

If only stripy red top knew these simple rules I might consider going back to GJ's one day. Unfortunately, she didn't. And I won't.

BTW, the eggs benny was OK, but nothing special. Go to The Galleon instead.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The hollandaise looks split.

19/4/08 10:25  
Anonymous Daniel, said...

I boycotted Greasy Joes about a year ago. Much the same story. I waited over an hour for breakfast, had to re-order, and there wasn't so much as an apology from them. Easily the worst service I've ever had.

19/4/08 10:36  
Blogger Ed said...

Th eonly good thing about Joe's is the bloody Mary. Everything else is sloppy. About once a year I'm so hungover that I give them the benefit of the doubt and visit, reminding me not to return.

19/4/08 12:45  
Anonymous PurplePrincess70 said...

The one time I patronised Greasy Joe's I was not only indulged with abysmal service on a *very* quiet morning; I was also served a plate of scrambles that were simply not fit for human consumption, let alone to be served with an expectation of payment. Dry, crumbly, I really don't care to have to remind myself of the experience sufficiently to be able to describe it!

19/4/08 17:16  
Blogger MelissaS said...

Wow, I did intend to visit GJ at some stage - will cross it off the list rightaway!

20/4/08 18:03  
Blogger miss janelle said...

each time i've been to joes, although i have enjoyed the food, the service has been awfull..

22/4/08 17:56  
Blogger Missy Allets said...

I've only been to GJ once upon your previous recommendation, and swore with my trembling gastric-stricken fingers not to go back again.

Though, I agree with Jamie, The Galleon is a far better choice. Perfect food, service was a tad slow but nonetheless genuinely friendly :)

2/5/08 16:36  
Blogger Lorraine said...

I totally agree with you. Their standard has dropped tremendously from years ago. I was recently disappointed too when I went there. Service was bad and the food was mediocre. The eggs bene hollandaise sauce was way too thick - felt like you were drinking cream! Horrible..

4/5/08 14:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree as well. Greasy Joe's are now a bit 'too cool for school' - we had shocking service the last time we meant there; meaning it will be just that - the last time.

Not even the famous bloody mary was up to scratch.

Really sad as it's the place my husband and I went to the morning after our first date and it always had such a special place in my heart.

24/5/08 17:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The coffee was cold when it hit our table, and the waitress 'brooke' pretty much accused us of lying. Im not saying that the customer is always right, but if i agreed with her,, then we'd both be wrong.
The spinich was dripping with oil when we asked the other english waitress with the short black hair why, she abruptly told us it was water.
So apparently we were lying again.
And half and hour for food and 20 mins for a drink. Please.
Dont waste your time.
Bad food, horrible service.
One has to wonder why?

2/11/08 11:31  
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