Sunday, May 18, 2008

Panificio, Boston

You'd think that with Mrs Heinz living up the road you could get some baked beans for breakfast. But not if you go to Panificio, 144 Charles Street, Beacon Hill. Not a bean to be found. So eggs benny it was, served on "English muffin bread", whatever that is.

panificio benny

Turns out to be some kind of vaguely circular toast, with very little in common with an English muffin. Not that this was a problem. The muffin-toast, eggs and hollandaise were all pretty good. The weak link was the so-called home fries: four chunks of potato, none of which seemed to have spent much time in the frying-pan. Another weak link was the mysterious slice of cantaloupe, which was caught in the twilight zone between side and garnish. It wasn't much good as the former (too thin and dry). Nor was it much good as the latter (it made the dish look stupid, not pretty).

Looking back at the Panificio menu I can see that I misspoke, Hillary-style, about the beans. You can, in fact, get yourself a tasty serve of huevos rancheros, black-beans included. It's only if you're looking for Heinz baked beans that you'll be disappointed. But this is probably part of a deliberate environmental initiative of the Heinz Endowments. Never mind that Therese jets about in a Gulfstream and drives three gas-guzzling SUVs. The real solution to global warming is to boycott baked-beans at breakfast. Join the BBB@B movement and reduce your carbon fart-print today.

If I go back to Panificio (which is not out of the question), I think I'll try the French toast. The only question is: which version? The apple-cinnamon raisin-bread version? Or the Challah version stuffed with cream cheese, blueberries, strawberries and banana? Decisions, decisions...

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Blogger Cindy said...

Oy, I forgot about the cantaloupe consistently served with American cooked breakfasts.

I don't get it.

(Nor the single dill pickles served alongside sandwiches at lunch.)

20/5/08 13:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

by the way, i thought you might be interested to know that breakfast at Pearl is back! :D yay for egg toasty!

29/5/08 18:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

English muffin bread? Sounds a bit suspect to me! Like a bit of marketing jargon... ;)

5/6/08 18:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Either update the F.....g blog or shut it down!

22/6/08 11:18  
Blogger Sand Walk said...

Thanks Jamie have loved your work and appreciated your efforts over the last couple of years......but a blog ain't a blog without some blogging...

29/6/08 00:41  
Blogger Dish This! said...

I tried the huevos rancheros... if you're interested:


22/8/08 02:53  

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