Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Galleon, St Kilda

The thing that's attached to the typewriter. Little animal with a ball. Little animal, small... Creeps about, not a rat.
Bubble, AbFab

If bubble you crave, then get yourself down to The Galleon, 9 Carlisle Street, Tel +61 3 9534 8934, where they serve it with squeak, and a big fat banger, on toast. Or sans banger, if you prefer. Bursting with peas, corn, and other items of mystery mush, it looked very satisfying.


Last time I was here I had the sweet potato hash cakes. This time I went for eggs benny, with ham and spinach, and a hash cake on the side. And a wise choice it was, even if I do say so myself. The eggs were good. The bagel was better than a muffin. The hollandaise was thick and creamy. A very respectable, if slightly unconventional, interpretation of the classic benedict.

The coffee was also very respectable. Well above average. As were the staff. A little quirky, like Bubble. But not nearly as stupid. Not stupid at all, actually.

The only problem with The Galleon is the lack of ventilation. On a hot day, you really need to go dressed in speedos and thongs. Any more clothing and you'll start to sweat. Someone did try to improve things by ripping a hole in the ceiling, but even that hasn't quite fixed the problem.

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Blogger UrbanTulip said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time! I adore the idea of breakfast.
I was recently in NY and had Eggs Benedict in Balthasar in Soho. Apparently they are quite famous there. Have you tried them?
I enjoyed them very much. Ideal egg and crunchy bacon!

28/3/08 21:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Galleon is fast becoming my favourite purveyor of Eggs benedict (beating los chicas). Perfectly cooked bagels and eggs, and that hollandaise...

6/4/08 12:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that burnt sausage lets the meal down... presentation wise anyways..

9/4/08 17:16  
Blogger northpine said...

Wow was that a tomato in that picture? Nice blog.

10/4/08 17:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

76The staff operate on the same level of service as Greasy Joes, I am unsure when grunge suddenly incorporates smug distain, sorry that customers put a dent in your day.

21/4/08 21:12  
Blogger Nick Disco said...

I adores my avocado + smoked salmon bagel smothered in cream cheese... Soy Lattes I could drink until the caffeine killed me.. and atleast 2 waitstaff who werent only extremely efficient but ever so dreamy... next time im back in melbourne.. I am pretty much moving in...

30/7/08 01:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Gallion, the staff are sweet and friendly. The coffee is amazing. I wouldnt waste my time going anywhere else on aclan st and letting an english backpacker ruin my coffee cravings.

I love the "my nannas kicthen" feel.

2/11/08 11:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the gal now has a website, check it out.

14/6/11 22:59  
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