Sunday, September 30, 2007

Boulette's Larder, San Francisco

Inside tables are very thin on the ground at Boulette's Larder, 1 Ferry Building Marketplace, San Francisco, Tel +1 415 399 1155. Actually, there's only one. So, don't just rock up and expect to get a seat.

boulettes larder

If you do manage to score a seat, and you're fully vested in Google or Apple stock (it's not cheap), you will be treated to some very fine food at Boulette's. Wanky food. But still very good.

The poached eggs with "early fall vegetable gratin" was delicious. Two nicely poached eggs perched atop a bed of squash, pumpkin, parsnip and romanesque (which looks like the mutant love-child of broccoli and cauliflower). A generous drizzle of bechamel gave the dish a creamy richeness which I liked (but others didn't).

I also liked the scrambled eggs with diced Vande Rose prosciutto...

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