Saturday, September 09, 2006

Petit Déjeuner Avec Chapeau

Coming from a family of francophiles I don't mind a bit of French here and there. A splash of pastis. A whiff of Gitanes. Some nice, greasy pork rillettes with cornichons. And I know enough schoolboy French to blurt out a few silly lines like "je parle Francais comme une vache Espagnol." Which means I know enough to spot a glaring error on "French" menu. Like a breakfast menu that says "Petit déjeuner carte". Merde! That is soooo not good grammar. I think you mean "Carte du petit déjeuner"

Annie Smithers may now be wearing a chef's hat for her food (and deservedly so), but she's flunking French big time.

Oh well. Who cares? The food's great. The service is slick and friendly. And Kyneton makes for a very pleasant road trip. My serve of scrambles was a bit skimpy. But other than that I had no complaints.


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