Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back to Babka

Last time I was here I enjoyed the kind of service that makes Qantas look good. But I decided it was time for a second opinion. Stephen Downes, for example, reckons Babka is "perhaps the best café in the known universe." Then again, Stephen Downes scored Vue de Monde 13/20, so maybe he's a few beans short of a burrito these days.

Speaking of beans, I'm pleased to report that the Georgian Baked Beans with crumbled feta are still the best in town. Perhaps the Milky Way? But is this really the best cafe in the universe? I think not.

Service today was OK, but nothing special. We were attended to by at least four different people before the food had arrived, and they were all pleasant enough.

Today's specials included a Croque Monsieur, which was actually a French toasted cheese sandwich. Sans jambon. Sans moutarde. So calling it a Croque was a bit of stretch. But it was quite a nice French toasted cheese sandwich nonetheless.

Babka is also in the running for best graffiti, with some cute babushka dolls sprayed on the front wall.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love babka's! but i really do think the service is terrible at times, if not they girls can be very snobby. but i don't hink they really even care! the place is always packed.

5/9/06 10:16  
Blogger cin said...

Crock Monsieur?

5/9/06 19:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Babka is nice...

...but I concur, the staff are more often than not quite aloof.

Also it's usually such a tight squeeze in there I feel like I'm going to get charged with assult if I move my elbows too much.

HOWEVER, the bread is second to none, and the Honey Pecan pie is divine!

I'll be back.


9/9/06 22:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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20/11/09 03:22  
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