Thursday, August 17, 2006

Birley Sandwiches, London

I love a nice sausage and egg sarnie. The perfect fuel for a busy day. And I was most impressed with the Birley's version of this simple English classic. Soft, fresh "granary" bread, juicy cumberland sausage, well fried egg and a slurp of brown sauce. All whipped together by a very professional looking chap in a big chef's hat. You'll find this Birley's outlet (it seems to have have evolved into a chain... McBirley's, if you will) just off Fenchurch Street, around the corner from Lloyd's. Actually, I just checked, the official address seems to be Fountain House, 130 Fenchurch St, London, Tel +44 20 7929 3603.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously dude, you'll have to check out the breakfast/brunch at Clarkes on Kensington Church Street while you're there...

20/8/06 15:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

G'day Mate, I love Joe's Garage and Idibidi on Brunswick st, and to my surprise they hadn't been reviewed yet, and I'd love to hear what you've got to say about them!

26/8/06 23:53  

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