Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Boyz 4 Breakie, Mornington

What a stupid name. The Boyz 4 Breakie, 1a Main Street, Mornington, Tel +61 3 5977 2888. Maybe if we stick "breakie" in our name it'll help us win a breakfast award? As if. What kind of idiot would fall for that? Restaurant & Catering Australia, apparently. This year, they gave the place a "breakfast establishment" gong. Hmmm...

It's a nice spot, on the edge of the bay with views across the water. The service and coffee were both very good. But there were too many weak links with the food for this place to score high marks, let alone win an award.

My scrambled eggs and sausages were fine, but the mushrooms were large, leathery old fellas that really should have been peeled. The spinach was equally long in the tooth, with stringy stems and a few bonus strands of twine. At first we thought it was hair, but on closer inspection it became clear that some of the packaging material had slipped past quality control. Oops. The other disappointment was the hollandaise on the salmon eggs benedict. If it was freshly made (which I doubt), then they had done an excellent job of mimicking the over-creamy pale stuff that comes from a bottle.

It's also expensive. $18 for the "Girlz Breakie" of scrambled eggs, avocado, smoked salmon and toast. They even charged me 50 cents for some HP sauce.

12/20 "dizappointing"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog is ace. I've left some London tips in the Electric Brasserie section!

6/10/05 03:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do agree, Boyz 4 Breakie is a local favorite when I'm in Mornington. Good not great.

This is my first comment. Thanks for your blog, love it!

4/11/07 22:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't disagree more. We're semi-regulars and we love the place. Sometimes brekkie isn't just about the food, sometimes atmosphere and hospitality count for something. You seem to not care about such things.

28/3/08 18:20  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

what is it with the mindless comments? i gave this place top marks for service, so it is just plain wrong to say i don't care about "hospitality".

19/5/08 13:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought i would have my say i used to work here in the kitchen, the hollandaise sauce is actually made from scratch and not from a bottle so before you accuse how about ask.

23/10/08 13:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^ugh anonymous, have a cry. really.

i have to agree. i do go here at least once per week. the coffee and service really are good but the food is a tiny bit inconsistent. and hashbrowns are *gasp* not home-made. :( the french toast is yum.

20/11/08 09:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just love Boyz 4 Breakie, the food is great and the service is spot on. One of my favourite places on Sunday morning!

21/2/10 08:01  
Anonymous Jerome said...

The hollandaise defence becomes that much more hilarious now that it's been confirmed home-made!!!

Love the blog by the way.

24/9/10 07:46  
Anonymous Coffee Lovin' Kev said...

Couldn't agree more mate!

Loved the coffee though, had a latte on the weekend and it was perfectly milky with a beautiful crema.
I like it when a place cares about coffee-making.

I had to wait so long for my food that I ended up ordering 3 more of the same coffee, as the service of these bevereges was fast and the quality was consistent.

19/4/11 19:09  
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