Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bambini Trust Cafe, Sydney

I was tucking into a stylish plate of poached eggs this morning, and who should breeze past but the Donald... not quite Trump, but an arts and business A-lister by Sydney standards nonetheless. Bambini Trust Cafe, 185 Elizabeth Street, +61 2 9283 7098, must be quite the place to be.

It's a very slick little venue, with dark timber walls, professional black-clad staff, and a business-like buzz. Adding to the buzz is a steady flow of local suits and skirts lining up for lattes-to-go. For good reason. The Cremcaffe coffee was extremely good.

My poached eggs with spinach and ham were good, but too runny to score high marks. The spinach was a crinkly-leaf variety which you don't often see, and the thin-sliced ham would have been better with a bit of grilling. It was served on slightly over-toasted Turkish bread, with a good hollandaise to cap things off.

16/20 "Mmmm... Cremcaffe"


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