Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gus' Cafe, Canberra

I don't know what it is about the pigs around Canberra, but they seem to produce magnificent bacon. And thick, tasty bacon was one of the highlights of this morning's breakfast at Gus' Cafe, Bundas Street, Civic, Tel +61 2 6248 8118. That, and some excellent garlic sauteed mushrooms.

Gus' is a Canberra classic. The first true Euro-style cafe in Canberra (so the story goes), it's like an oasis of macchiato in a sea of tea bags. These days it has some competition, but back in the early years it was the place to be. Street-side tables, open late, and coffee that didn't suck.

The good news for anyone stuck in Civic and in need of breakfast is that Gus' still delivers the goods. I was very impressed with my scramled eggs (firm and light) on thick, white, fluffy toast. And, as mentioned above, the sides of bacon and mushrooms were superb.

The menu has heaps of good options: cinnamon toast; home-made banana bread with banana caprice and marscapone; salmon and mushroom egg white omelette drizzled with sweet soy and coriander; and a dish called "Big Benny" where the eggs benedict is super-sized with bacon, chippolatas, tomato, and mushrooms.

The service was good. Ditto the coffee. They have even overcome the annoying Canberra tradition of serving lattes in silly-looking stemmed glasses. You feel like a real goose drinking coffee from one of those glasses. As if you ordered a fluffy duck for breakfast.

15/20 "mmm... bacon"


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