Saturday, May 27, 2006

Continental Delicatessen, Sandringham

So bad was the hollandaise on this serve of eggs la mer that we sent it back. Maybe it was suffering from separation anxiety? It wasn't bonding with the eggs, that's for sure. Such was the stress of the situation that it had transformed itself into juice and residue, with the unfortunate side-effect of soggy muffins. Collateral damage. Welcome to The Continental Deli, 50 Station Street, Sandringham, Tel +61 3 9598 1171.

To their credit, they slashed our bill dramatically as a result of the hollandaise disaster, and didn't get all petulant and snitchy. And some aspects of the meal were OK. My chipolatas were good. The crispy bacon and scrambles weren't bad. But there were too many weak links.

My toast for example, was meant to be sourdough. It turned out to be squares of plain white fluffy bread, from Brumby's I think. The tomato was listed in the extras as "oven roasted", and yet it looked very much fried (and not very well fried at that). And the coffee took so long to arrive that it was beaten to the table by the eggs.

On first impression, the venue has a reasonable buzz. But it was freezing cold and in desperate need of heating. This is Sandringham, not Noosa, and Summer is long gone.

9/20 "separation anxiety"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know why i keep going back to this place, their food is average and their customer service skills are completely non existent. on sunday i sent my eggs back as they were over cooked. then i sent them back again because they'd put butter on my toast when i'd specifically requested no butter, to which their response was, 'we never butter our toast'. third time lucky it was edible however toast was disappointingly sunicrust variety when i was hoping for some nice crusty loaf that wasn't purchased wrapped in plastic.

31/5/06 08:43  
Anonymous JWo2 said...

Oh please - get the hell out of there, do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to Ludo at 5 Waltham Street, Sandringham for a bite. While you're there, pick up a great range of specialty gourmet produce, including Annie Smither's preserves, imported cheeses and some great organic produce. Apparently Allan Campion & Michelle Curtis consult to the business.

3/6/06 14:38  
Blogger scarlettcat said...

I agree with the non-existent service comment. I stopped going there after several visits - every single time the service was abysmal. Once I sat for around half an hour waiting for table service (and no, they're weren't particularly busy) and then hovered at the counter for another 10 minutes. Eventually I gave up, walked out and I've never stepped foot in there since.

5/9/08 22:49  
Anonymous CU said...

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