Saturday, December 13, 2008

Le Pain Quotidien, New York

Sometimes I like to keep it simple...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Le Pain Quotidien is something where even we Germans with our fine bread - and boy, do we have good bread - get jealous. Wonderful concept!

24/12/08 09:49  
Blogger Zapas News said...

Merry Christmas from Spain

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25/12/08 06:44  
Blogger kcardigan said...

I loved Le Pain Quotidien when i was in Brussels. Their plate of bread with fresh curd cheese and accoutrements was fantastic. I went to the one in Sydney to try and recapture my Brussels days but nfortunately all I got was stale incredibly over-priced bread, it was very sad. I went to Bourke St bakery to pick up bread and cakes after. Yum.

20/3/09 10:29  

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