Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vue de Monde, Melbourne

They served eggs, so I'm treating it as a late breakfast. And without doubt the most expensive breakfast I'm ever likely to have. Then again, I don't normally have seven courses, matched with seven wines, and water harvested from a Tasmanian cloud. There's nothing normal about a meal at Vue de Monde, 430 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, +61 3 9691 3888.


The eggs, for example, were salty little fish eggs, served atop a hens egg with some lobster mousse hidden inside. The only thing missing was toast soldiers.

The coolest dish was a stripy little terrine with layers of pate de foie gras, rabbit rillettes, carrot, minced ham and something green. It was, as our waiter noted, a very Paul Smith look.


The waiters (and waitresses) are all very professional. Like a good stalker, they're never far away, and their knowledge of the food and wine is scary. It was explained to me, for example, that the Tasmanian cloud water I was drinking was only harvested when the atmospheric particle count was below a certain level. Seriously.

If there was one disappointment, it was the "cheese course" which was actually a cheese square topped with a few slivers of fresh fig. It was a very nice cheese square. Gruyere, to be precise. But it was just a cheese square. I felt like Mr Pitt, sitting there, eating a cheese square with my Laguiole knife and fork.

Otherwise, we had a delicious, cheesy, brown mushroom risotto, smothered in black truffle shavings (not sure what all the fuss is about with truffles); some strips of wagyu beef poached in a clear soup with a few trimmings like spinach mousse and deep fried bone marrow (good, not great); a lobster and witlof salad (probably my favorite); and a self-saucing chocolate pudding (I've had better).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was the occasion? Just a standard brekkie?

(Your foody blog never fails to make me hungry.)

16/3/07 09:45  
Blogger Samuel James Brent said...

I went to Vue De Monde about six months ago to celebrate a new job and, unfortunately, am in one way or another still paying for the meal.

The food at Vue is basically prostitution in that it's revoltingly satisfying for the time that you're in their world, but as soon as the aftertaste has left your mouth you feel cheap and used.

Still, without a doubt, it was the finest dining experience I've ever had the good fortune of post-starving for.

16/3/07 19:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've eaten many a fine dining fare, and i would have to say my experince at Vue was the best i have ever had, combining food, presentation and service, i am yet to see better.
well worth the money and i shall be going again.

5/8/07 17:14  
Blogger Larry said...

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