Friday, November 10, 2006

Piadina Slow Food, Melbourne

I'm sorry, but this is one fad I'm not sucked in by. The piadina bubble of 2006. A culinary yo-yo and rubik's cube all rolled (or folded) into one. Anyone still eating this stuff in 2008 will probably be wearing leg-warmers and an oversized "choose life" t-shirt. Or maybe a hypercolour t-shirt? Or both.

Do you get the impression that I was less than impressed by my breakfast at Piadina Slow Food, 57 Lonsdale Street (backing onto Punch Lane), Melbourne, Tel +61 3 9662 2277?

Well you're right. It was a dud.

I ordered the scrambled egg, parmesan and spinach piadina with bacon, and it arrived looking very much like a burrito (nicely rolled up). The problem was, there was no parmesan (none that my humble taste buds could detect), and some genius decided to soil the whole thing with za'atar [I originally moaned about dukkah, but I have since been corrected]. It was gross. Maybe some people like eggs and za'atar. I don't. It tasted like someone had swept greasy lawn clippings and dirt into my breakfast. And I really hate it when "bonus" ingredients are added without warning (ie, not listed on the menu). I ate half and gave up.

OK, got that off my chest.

So, why is everyone else raving about PSF? It is a buzzy little venue, particularly if you score a booth. They do serve a decent cappucino, from BunCoffee in Byron Bay (although at lunch time they have an annoying rule that coffee can only be ordered at the same time as you order your food, supposedly to hurry things along... slow food, not slow eating). And, for lunch, the slow food options are really very good.

For a different perspective (ie, rave review), try Ukelele, Mellie or the Matt Preston piadina puff piece for Epicure.

12/20 "flat bread fad"


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Blogger Bibliochef said...

Cole Porter has the real thing on breakfast (and I agree these are not it) Check out

13/11/06 10:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recommend Relish Foodstore - McKinnon Rd, McKinnon. Just delicious and lovely service.

13/11/06 16:13  
Blogger Ed said...

Matt does like to puff doesn't he. I tried a slow cooke goat something or other and it wan't bad. Can see what all the excitinment isabout flat bread. MP does seem to puff things up a bit. Has he ever written a bad word?

15/11/06 17:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must admit they do their lunches fantastically well - ciabattas and baguettes and their bakes are great. I too have come across the gritty oily dukkah, when it came with a piece of piadina that accompanied a stew. I ate and relished the stew, but left the piadina :-). I blogged the place recently though - just cause the side salad was so darn fantastic!

16/11/06 22:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I totally love this blog. It’s so clean, professional looking, and I love the recipes to be found here! You totally have a new reader!

19/11/06 20:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I only just twigged at the mention of greasy lawn clippings and oily dukkah (dry roasted nuts and spices ground up), which means you're probably talking about z'aatar (ground thyme and sumac with sesame seeds) on the piadinas. It's an acquired taste. I dig it, especially on their taleggio or babaganoush piadinas, but I have to admit, a fry-up in a roll-up sounds like a bad idea from the onset.

PSF do a decent lunch, are one of the only cafes in town brave enough to vary their menu to suit the produce, and are probably nice enough to replace your meal or your money if you have a problem with it (rather than letting you simmer with rage 'till you can kvetch in relative anonymity online).

I can talk, considering I slammed bills on this very blog (but their breakfast _was_ substandard and there was nothing they nor I could do about it). So in the spirit of ownership, my name is Louise Conroy, and I vow to send my next bad coffee back.

24/11/06 18:42  
Blogger Christophe Mallet said...

Well well well - I live really close to the place - and I must say I Love it - every time i go - I love it - don't just stick to the piadina, experience! their chicken Curry is not far from being one of the best - if not the best - I had so far in Oz ...

29/1/07 11:39  
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