Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fruits of Passion, Kensington

Despite their flagrant disregard of breakfast blog regulation 101 - that spinach shall be served sauteed or steamed, never raw - this place does a pretty damn good breakfast. I was particularly impressed with the cheese and corn muffins. Ditto the cheese and ham snag. They don't just sell bananas at Fruits of Passion, 188 Bellair St, Kensington, Tel + 613 9376 8588.

Maybe it was the "yummy dressing" that gave the raw spinach a lift? It was yummy. Or maybe it was the fact that I shoved the spinach under my steaming pile of scrambled eggs for some DIY wilting action? Whatever. It tasted good. As did the tasty relish on the side.

The Fruits of Passion menu is a little bit weird - scrambled eggs benedict, for example - but certainly not boring. You can have "Skinheads on a raft" (baked beans on savoury scones), "Fat American pancakes", "awesome fruit toast", "yummy crumpets" with blackberry jam, or the "Vegetarian deluxe" eggs and extras.

15/20 "skinheads on a raft"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We LOVE Fruits of Passion. Surprised you didn't mention how KICK ASS the coffee is.

13/9/06 09:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to visit 'Fruits' every weekend when my girlfriend lived in Kensington. I actually grew to like the uncooked baby spinach, especially on the poached eggs with avocado and seriously 'yummy dressing'. The staff were always very friendly and parking and crowds were never a problem. Not many other good alternatives in this area.

13/9/06 10:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That corn muffin with the yummy dressing was massive and marvelous... not to mention the very attractive staff.. Big fan.

28/9/06 17:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am on the quest for the perfect eggs benedict and despite the Fruits of Passion's slightly unorthodox version. So far in all my travels they are yet to be topped. Their eggs benedict are Number 1. If you have any suggestions on who could beat them, please let me know!

15/1/07 10:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FOP definitely is a good deal for brekkie. have u had their MASSIVE $2 pancakes? my friend tried to order two and the waitress warned him not to - just as well. yummy muesli too.

27/3/07 16:56  
Blogger Unknown said...

Closed for renos. Reopening soon...

7/9/07 06:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lived a few doors down from Fruits for many years, and find the staff/owners to be pretty snobbish, and pretty unhelpful. Its the food and coffee that obviously brings in the hordes of people. Try the banana and coconut smoothie. For better services and equally good food, go to the Corner Cafe, Vince and Jason are legends.

14/4/08 12:56  
Blogger Mezxxx said...

IMy name is Maryanne, I am the original creator of fruits of passion I owned the business by myself for 9yrs. I made it grow from nothing just passion & creativity & a desire to see people eating well & enjoying life! I changed the menu regurarly unlike the people i sold the cafe to, they havent changed the menu once, keeping it he same since i sold it to them. still cooking my menu, my ideas and following my recepie for success. the one thing however that they will never be able to copy is my personality which has sadly left friuts of passion. For me its sad that i sold the name with the business because my parents had me as there fruit of passion & would be sad to see that a greedy landlord who pushed the rent up by 100% forced me to sell my favourite cafe 6yrs ago. I have anouther shop in Kensington that i am eager to open but am seeking financial help in the form of silent partner, if anyone knows or is interested in helping to create anouther passionate cafe please call Maryanne 0407700473 & let the fun begin again!

7/6/08 18:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The excellent menu, quality food and good coffee draw me to Fruits of Passion very regularly. A word of warning though, the service is very very poor. I'm not sure why it is, but the waiting staff seem to be exceptionally slow and spaced out and paying the bill at the end is always an absolute nightmare. Coffee always takes at least 10 minutes to arrive after ordering, and sometimes after the food. A many of the local Kensington regular customers are just downright horrible and snobby. Apart from these bad points, Fruits of Passion is well worth the visit just for the Passion Eggs.

10/6/08 15:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


you were a mental case that chased customers out with brooms!!!
"personality" is one way to describe you.
You never knew what side you were going to get from you on any given day.
You spread rumors about all the staff when you left.

22/12/08 10:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maryanne was always known as Scaryanne when she ran FOP. I wouldn't call that personality.

I think the staff now are good, the coffee is always EXCELLENT, and really it has become a regular haunt as it feels comfortable being there.

25/2/09 14:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting reading all the comments. Fruits of passion has all the attributes decribed. Yes they are sometimes slow, yes they are sometimes snobbish yes yes yes.
Howvever, if you have the time and oppurtunity to meet the family, beleive me time is of the essence. Coffee is sometime slow, but worth wait!! Get in early and try chefs joes warm muffins, have the passion eggs. A friend of mine described fruits of passion as an institution..

3/4/09 22:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coffee is pretty average actually, still probably the best on the Kensington strip though but that's not such a challenge.
Just one thing about this place though, what the hell is with playing top 40 commercial radio? Even some awful generic cafe compilation would be better than this!

10/5/09 22:22  
Blogger John said...

This is one of the best. Just about the best coffee in melbourne ( if not the world - and I've been around a bit) and this blog gives it only two cups!!!!! Each to his own I guess. The salmon bagels and salad are great. Any egg breakfast with the free range eggs rivals any anywhere. Clearly I'm a big fan of this place and the staff are ALWAYS nice.

12/5/09 16:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE fruits of passion, it is an institution.
The food is reliably good, the coffee is brilliant and they are very accomodating of children, babies, dogs etc It is a rare place where DINKS, singles, families and older people all sit happily side by side.
I have been going to fruits for 15 years. Maryanne was a bit mad....not always in the good way. The new (well not new any more) owners are great, warm and friendly. Yes they're often soooo slow and yes the odd menue addition would be great but the breakfast has people queuing and is always lovely. Well done guys.

5/6/09 19:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best takeaway latte in melbourne, is the reason for and well the wait. Food is great and reasonably priced. Staff are friendly provide excellent service.

26/1/10 15:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maryanne is a nutter! I would not recommend anyone going into business with her!

20/12/12 09:04  
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