Monday, August 14, 2006

Nancy's, Putney Bridge

What to do when the River Cafe at Putney Bridge tube stop is bludging off on Summer holidays? Duck into Nancy's and pick up a breakfast sandwich of some form or other. In my case, a very English bacon sandwich (an abundance of cripy, salty, greasy curls), dressed in Italian gear (grilled ciabatta), with a French twist of oozy molten brie. A very London experience, really. English, with euro trimmings, served up by a nice blonde from the Czech Republic.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

God I love a bacon sarnie! Mmmm, especially when I'm hungover. The bacon and egg muffin I just wolfed down at Bite in St.Kilda Rd didn't do the job - way to stodgey and lean!!

Glad to see you made it over to Blighty in one piece. Did they strip you of all your possessions before boarding?

23/8/06 10:05  

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