Saturday, June 10, 2006

Wall 280, Balaclava

It's more than a wall really. They do have an interior space at Wall 280, somewhere in behind 280 Carlisle St, Balaclava, Tel +61 3 9593 8280. Not so much a room as a rabbit warren. But an interior space, nonetheless. I'd be more impressed if it was just a wall. That would be cool. Even more impressive would be a cafe that didn't even have a wall. Just a Mr Whippy van, a nice big Wega Orion, and some old milk crates to sit on.

nice wall

But I digress. Back to Carlisle Street and the cafe that first made Balaclava cool.

The coffee is excellent. Silky smooth and strong without being overpowering. And my baked beans with bacon bits was also very good. Even the toasted Turkish worked well. Not chewy like the stuff I had last week at Parkdale Kiosk.

nice beans

The only real problem is the lack of eggs. This is not so much a breakfast venue as a pide bar. You can have just about anything you like, as long as it can be jammed inside a toasted pide. You want eggs? You can have a toasted pide with ham, egg, tomato, rocket and mustard aioli. That's it. And if you don't want toast? No problem, you can have muesli.


Blogger Ed said...

I love this place. It's pretty cool and you must agreee despite the lack of eggs an antidote to Crown. Note to self: must vist Crown again and add to collection of ATM rejection receipts.

12/6/06 21:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have been living in the area for over 10 years and i decided to try the walls coffee for a change.....what a bad decision....bad service, bad attitude and overpriced burnt coffee.....avoid the wall at all costs.....

11/11/10 15:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has the best coffee in Melbourne if you don't like it you have no taste. I grab at least one almost daily.

The food options are however limiting but there are some healthy options and some hot soups which change almost daily.
The toasted cheese, ham and tomatoe pide is pretty good.

Even at the busiest times you can still usually squeeze in somewhere inside and grab a coffee.

The take aways are usually pretty quick.

25/12/10 12:58  
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