Saturday, June 03, 2006

Beach Cafe and Kiosk, Parkdale

Last week I sampled the banana toast. This week I came back for the eggs. What I remembered was the Turkish toast. Two bits stacked on top of each other (never a good idea) with tough chewy crusts that were virtually impossible to cut. Almost as chewy were the leathery caps on the mushrooms. Not what I'd hoped for on my return visit to the Parkdale Beach Cafe and Kiosk, Beach Road, Parkdale, Tel +61 3 9580 3377. At least the eggs and bacon were good.


Blogger cnwb said...

Have you tried Tom Phat on Sydney Road? They do interesting south Asian variations on eggs, such as roti omlette, and my favourite, viet fried eggs.

10/6/06 14:57  
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