Sunday, May 21, 2006

Big Mouth, St Kilda

For some reason or other, it's been years since I had breakfast at one-time St Kilda favorite, Big Mouth, 168 Acland St, St Kilda, +61 3 9534 4611. I think I decided at some point that it was over-priced compared to nearby places like 189 Espresso (which is now pushing up daisies). So this morning I parked my rapidly-expanding arse on a bar stool downstairs, and took the 2006 model for a test drive.

big mouth hash

If I had to sum up Big Mouth in one word it would be this: inconsistent. It was like eating John Travolta's career for breakfast. Star performances spoiled by the odd disaster. The potato and zucchini hash was brilliant (Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction). The buttered spinach and avocado were almost as good (Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever), and the "smokey bacon" was tasty but undercooked. But the poached egg was a flop (did anyone see Look Who's Talking, Too?). So seriously under-poached that a river of raw white spewed across the plate as soon as I touched it with a knife. Eeew.

13/20 "bacon tastes good... pork chops taste good..."



Blogger Jen said...

Just wondering was there a dish that was proportionate to the flop that Battlefield Earth was?
Would a dish that bad even be edible?

24/5/06 11:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look Who's Talking Too was the best of the 3 films

It's Look Who's Talking Now that makes you cringe every 30 seconds.

damn awesome breakfast blog by the way. i'll be visiting Las Chicas for the first time tomorrow morning

30/1/07 04:07  

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