Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fifi Foveaux's, Surry Hills

Pretty much everything is red at Fifi Foveaux's, 428 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Tel +61 2 9380 6881. From the hats of the gnome stools to the perspex chandeliers and all the wallpaper in between. Except the scrambled eggs, of course. They were a creamy yellow colour. And what a luscious plate of scrambles they were. Soft, rich and slightly cheesy. Delicious.

The bacon and mushies were pretty good too, as was the multi-grain toast. And a small dish of HP sauce was delivered on demand. Hard to fault really.

Fifi does a couple of omelettes, with fetta, tomato and spinach, or with smoked salmon, red capsicum and spanish onion. Then there's smoked salmon benedict (but apparently no ham version), a bacon and egg roll, and a BLT with home-made pesto mayonnaise.

Sweet toast also seems to be a specialty of this place. Choose from sour cherry toast, banana and walnut toast, or toasted coconut loaf. Or get some plain white toast and smear it with ricotta and honey.

If nothing else, it's worth coming here just to make the claim that you once ate breakfast with a gnome's head pressed firmly to your backside.

To cap it all off, Fifi is cheap. Nothing over 10 bucks.

16/20 "who's been sitting on my gnome?"


Eggs & Bacon $8.50 BB100 -15%

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like somewhere I should really go! Always enjoyed a good gnome with my scrambles and all for under ten bucks!

16/3/06 12:14  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

Mushrooms, of course ;-)

19/3/06 23:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your review enticed me to check this place out with a friend from dissapointing. Service..what service. the eggs weren't cooked and were cold. enough said.

16/7/08 17:00  

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