Friday, March 31, 2006

Athelstane House, Queenscliff

Having consumed about 500 champagnes and a few cleansing ales the night before, I was very much looking forward to this morning's eggs. Luckily, Athelstane House, 4 Hobson Street, Queenscliff, Tel +61 3 5258 1024, didn't disappoint. Excellent scrambled eggs, exotic mushrooms (no, this is not a euphemism for the hallucinogenic variety), tasty bacon roll-ups, and grilled tomato. BnB's ain't what they used to be. Great food, and not a doily in sight.

Our set menu (included with a night's stay) gave us a choice of 3 cooked or 2 "Continental" breakfast dishes, plus T2 teas, coffee and Emma & Tom's "life juices". You could also splash out extra for a glass of Chandon bubbly ($9) or a Bloody Mary ($12), but in my fragile state I decided that Mary was best consumed as a virgin, sans vodka.

Although we only tried the eggs & bacon, I did eyeball the 3 egg breakfast omelette (looked good), and the mushrooms on toast with cream and parmesan (also looked good). The other dishes were house-made muesli and cinnamon porridge, plus Irrewarra sourdough toasts.

The breakfast room at Athelstane is light, stylish and modern, with timber floors, bentwood chairs, white linens and brown paper overlays. Service was quick, too.

14/20 "doily free"



Blogger Katiez Furry Mewz said...

Forget the bacon, but the eggs and tomatoez look delicious...

I'm really hungry now.


2/4/06 21:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great find. The whole place is perfect.

And what a way to say good bye with a great breakfast of pancakes, free range bacon, free range fried egg and real maple syrup.

Not to mention fair trade coffee.

A must do.

Is this the best restaurant outside Melbourne.

Greta wine list.

3/6/08 10:51  

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