Friday, February 17, 2006

Three Eggs, Bondi Beach

If there's a Sydney equivalent of St Kilda's Galleon Cafe, then I think it's Three Eggs, 100 Brighton Bvd, Bondi Beach, Tel +61 2 9365 6262. It has the same shabby charm as the Galleon, the same around-the-corner-down-the-road obscurity, and (it seems) the same loyal fan-base of locals. It also does a mean breakfast.

My parmesan scrambled eggs with bacon and avocado were most enjoyable. Good scrambles, pretty good bacon (enhanced by HP sauce), ripe avocado, and two slices of an excellent white toast... crunchy on the surface, yet dense and soft at the core. The coffee was very good too.

Of course, food tastes better when you feel good. So the friendly staff, buzzy vibe, and a bright red feature wall each play a part in the Three Eggs experience. My only complaint was that on a sticky day (like today) the place gets a bit hot and stuffy.

three eggs

Other noteworthy egg dishes include a goat's cheese omelette with mushrooms, spinach and sage; and a poached egg with prosciutto-wrapped asparagas, parmesan and balsamic. Sweet-tooths may prefer the buttermilk pancakes with hazelnut butter, banana and date syrup. Or maybe raisin toast with marscapone, walnuts and honey.

16/20 "nice avs"

Eggs & Bacon $11.30 BB100 +13%

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Blogger Unknown said...

this cafe has to be one of my favorites
I've been coming here for a few months now with friends, they love it, and so do I,
I'd recommend the eggs benedict there, as they are amazing, and the cofee is good too.

btw, tigerbakers on victoria rd, darlinghurst has a similar vibe but less beach-isg more city-ish, great food too.

13/3/07 16:38  
Blogger mettle design studio said...

great coffe at clodeli on clovelly rd. clovelly.
also an assortment of breakfast foodstuffs. full up on weekends though. i think a few 'celebs' have been spotted at our local, so it's getting pretty full now.

26/4/07 16:05  
Blogger damo said...

Bloody sensational breaky, excellent benedict with bacon. Travelled to Sydney for a week from Melb, checked out the breaky blog and decided upon this little gem. Top notch breaky and coffee. Had a great chat with the owner and the cook. will dine again at the 3 eggs before heading back to Melb.

3/7/08 22:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Three Eggs in Bondi has closed much to my devastation... I loved that place and drove from the North Shore this morning heading for brekkie to find a sign saying permanently closed... Does anyone know why. This place was awesome...

30/8/09 19:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Returned from holiday and found 3 Eggs to be closed when I visited on Sunday. I am devastated, I have been taking friends there for over 8 years (since it was Brown Sugar) and it was by far the best breakfast café in Sydney. The premises look like they are being renovated, but the sign in the window says it has closed permanently. Does anyone know why it closed, or it the guys running it have / will be opening another café?

14/9/09 15:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3 eggs has closed permanently but need fear! a new breaky & lunch cafe is opening in it's place in mid April and it's destined to be amazing! the local kids behind it have opened a cool little retail space in the room next door,selling everything from surfboards & pushbikes to books, clothing & music. Rumour has it that a gallery and some special events are soon to follow. Head back to 100 - 102 Brighton blvd! it's now called Porch and Parlour!

31/3/10 12:46  

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