Sunday, February 26, 2006

La Luna Bistro, Carlton North

It must be frustrating for school teachers when A+ students turn in A- essays. Johnny has lots of potential. If only he would apply himself more fully. Which is exactly how I felt this morning at La Luna, 320 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North, Tel +61 3 9349 4888. It's a very good spot for breakfast. With a bit more effort, it could be great.

Let me explain. I had the La Luna Breakfast, and parts of it were great. The hollandaise, the sausage, the capsicum relish, the mushrooms and the sauteed spuds, to be specific. But parts of it were not great. The bacon, for example, still had the rinds on (lazy). The eggs were under-poached (sloppy). And the muffins (which I specifically asked to be replaced with toast) had no crunch. None of this was sufficient to ruin a good brekky. But it did undermine any hope of top 10 status. Which is a pity, because the potential is there.

Service, for example, is excellent. Quick, polite, attentive and friendly. The venue is good too. A bit noisy when full, but where there's noise there's buzz. And the outside tables make La Luna both pooch- and puff-friendly.

It's also quite hangover-friendly. Clean up your act with a berocca (tropical or original, how's that for variety?) Or get back on the turps with a glass of pink Domain Chandon bubbles, or maybe a bloody mary with tabasco, worcestershire, cucumber and a secret blend of herbs & spices. Plus, the menu boasts no fewer than 7 dishes with hollandaise.

Just don't forget your gold card. The La Luna Breakfast will set you back $17.50 and the brunch menu has bangers and mash at a scary $28.50.

15/20 "mmm... capsicum relish"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a shame. We've always had excellent breakfasts at La Luna. Extra points should be awarded for the home-made snags, a la Daley at Chimmey's. I reckon La Luna's black pudd is up there too.

27/2/06 15:06  
Blogger Niki said...

Oh, but I love the rind on my bacon; for me it's the highlight. Actually, I'd have to say I've never noticed any breakfast place that removes it??

27/2/06 23:54  
Blogger Jamie Wodetzki said...

Despite my quibbles with the bacon rinds and the muffins, I did give the place top marks (3/3) for extras. The snags and relish were top notch. But the sloppy-eggs-soggy-muffs combo is always such a disappointment.

28/2/06 00:09  
Blogger charles edwards said...

Like most food from most places especially cafe and bistro there are good and bad points as there are always very good meals and average to poor ones in everyplace as I sit on my Cafe bistro sets on the pation eating breakfast made by my partner I cannot complain about any of the food and she works in a bistro.

20/12/07 22:31  

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