Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cafe Zest, Port Melbourne

Apparently someone bet Dr Seuss $50 that he couldn't write a book using 50 words or less. Green Eggs and Ham won him the bet. I'm almost tempted to bet $50 that I just had the best plate of green eggs and ham Melbourne has to offer. The venue? Cafe Zest, 55 Beach Street, Port Melbourne, Tel +61 3 9646 9182. Nice bayside views, too.

As Mark Twain once wrote: "Nothing helps scenery like ham and eggs... Ham and eggs and scenery... these make happiness." On this score, Zest is a very happy place. The scrambled eggs and seared ham were great, and the pesto gave the dish a real kick.

What Twain forgot to say was: "Nothing helps breakfast like good coffee. Ham, eggs and a double-shot cappucino... these make a perfect breakfast." Zest scores again. The Amici coffee was excellent.

I can only speculate about the rest of the food, having neither viddied nor tasted it. But it all sounds promising: coconut & cinnamon or vanilla chai porridge; lemongrass creamed rice with poached pears; French toast fingers with marscapone and lemon scented apple; hazelnut pancakes with berry compote, strawberries and marscapone; a smoked salmon thingy on sweet corn fritters; and shakshukah (Middle eastern eggs in tomoato sauce, apparently).

16/20 "ham, eggs and scenery"


Eggs & Bacon $10.90 BB100 +9%

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

zest is da best!
great food, great coffee, great service
breakfast is a highlight, but please don't tell tooo many people . . . .

8/2/07 12:20  
Blogger John said...

Went there for Mothers day purely based on this blog and esp the coffee comment. Found the paoched eggs and toast with sausage and tomato to be ordinary. AND THE COFFEE WAS TERRIBLE - ONE OF THE WORST I HAVE HAD - sorry to say. then went to Dalmartino in Bay street to have a REAL coffee.
Much better "promite special" breakfast and coffee at cafe le chien in seddon.

12/5/09 16:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing Breakfast!!!
I Went to Cafe Zest on two weeks ago and couldnt believe the difference, under new management with new menu and decore, everything was perfect, the coffee, food price. Relaxed friendly atmosphere, did i mention the view.

11/5/10 22:15  
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