Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Point Cafe, Albert Park

Perched right on the edge of Albert Park Lake is The Point, Aquatic Drive, +61 3 9682 5501. It's a very nice spot for breakfast, particularly if you've just done a few laps at MSAC to work up an appetite. And unlike the swish restaurant upstairs, the downstairs cafe is sufficiently casual that you might even get away with wearing the budgie-smugglers. Or maybe not...

the point

Like a good little customer, I placed my order at the bar, paid my $17.50, and settled into a table by the window. $10.50 for the benedict. $4 for a hash brown. $3 for a coffee.

The coffee (Vittoria) came very quickly, and was OK. The eggs arrived soon after. The first thing I noticed was a large blob of blood and veins in amongst the ungrilled slices of ham. Not a good look. Once removed, I was able to enjoy the rest of the dish, although the eggs were quite soft and the hash brown quite heavy and greasy. There was a bit of separation going on with the hollandaise, too (but the flavour was good).

The menu at the Point is short and sweet. Apart from eggs benedict/florentine/salmon, there's toast, fruit, muesli, berry pancakes, and a "big breakkie" of eggs, etc. I particularly liked the sound of the "roasted field mushrooms, roasted capsicum, Tarrago goats cheese, toast and soft herbs."

A strong selling point for this place is its ability to handle Melbourne's "dynamic" weather. On a nice day, there are plenty of outside tables to choose from. On a rainy day, the indoor seating will keep you dry. And on a day like today, when the mercury is racing towards 43 degrees (that's about 109 old-speak), the Point is a beautiful haven of air-conditioning.

10/20 "nice air"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great site! I stumbled across it too somehow and visit frequently. It is concerning you do eat a lot of eggs though! Maybe you should try the pancakes at Blush Foodroom to break it up a bit? I would like to see a review of Turtle in Elwood though, and if there are any good places in Port Melbourn for breakie?

23/1/06 13:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site.

Interesting review of The Point. Interesting because I had a terrible breakfast there recently. My $16.50 got me fried eggs that were slimy, cold and anemic, with solid yolks. The rest of the things on the plate were of supermarket-freezer quality and had that solidified fat sheen. My partner's poached eggs suffered the same plight as mine, except her's had bits of shell all through it (no extra cost). They were sent back, and returned with just as poorly cooked eggs, sans shell this time, and what were obviously the same side ingredients that were served up the first time. Add in the 'order and pay at the counter' mentality, and it becomes obvious; this is a cafe that's run by a catering company.

We left it and got a better, cheaper breakfast up Clarendon.

27/1/06 13:58  
Blogger Kate Lightfoot said...

I used to quite like The Point (in fact, I got married there), but the breakfasts are pretty average. The view is nice, but the service is so-so - I always feel like I'm hassling them by ordering something - and last time I ordered the bircher muesli which had so much sugar in it that it was actually crunchy (not sure if someone slipped or what!). Coffee was average.

The view, of course, is fantastic and it's convenient if you've made the insane commitment to walk around the lake with a friend. :)

xxx scarlett

5/9/08 22:59  
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