Saturday, January 21, 2006

Middle Brighton Baths Cafe, Brighton

It was stinking hot in Melbourne today. But somehow they managed to serve cold eggs benedict at the Middle Brighton Baths Cafe, 251 The Esplanade, Brighton, Tel +61 3 9539 7000. And they hard-poached the eggs. And they barely toasted the bread. And they didn't grill the ham. At least they did a nice side of sauteed spinach.

To be fair, my scrambled eggs with bacon and mushies was pretty good, and the toast was Phillipa's honey whole-wheat. But the poorly poached eggs dragged the whole experience down, and not even the spiffy sea-side view could rescue it.

The Baths menu is pretty short and simple: eggs and extras; bircher muesli; fruit salad; ham and cheese croissant; muffins; danish pastries; and toast.

12/20 "sea breeze"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes. you think breakfast is bad, don;t try lunch or dinner. They think because of the view they can serve truly atrocious food.

15/7/06 08:38  
Blogger Unknown said...

This place is soooo bad, I ordered a bottle of water with my breakfast, asked 5 times for it and eventually got told by the waiter to 'get it myself because the bars busy' WFT?!!

20/4/07 09:43  
Blogger J Friend said...

I'll agree with the others here. The staff is rude and the food awful. There are better places to go with your money just up and down the road.

8/9/07 21:33  
Blogger Lise said...

Loved the review and the comments that followed. Loved the view, we went the other day (Sat) for lunch. Surly stuck up 'maitre not' sits us down, no menus, no 'would you like a drink', we waited 15 mins to get a bloody drink of water, let alone the wine. I just observed my experience, realising that only having 3 staff was going to make for a slow experience, as it was once we got the water, snagged the waiter to take our order (lunch special is always quick), we were in out of there in an hour and 5 mind you. Interestingly because my breasts were not hanging out, we did not get the hallowed seaview seats, I have to remember that next time. I'd go back just to be entertained as the food was actually quite good and I'm a food snob!
Love your sight!
Bon appetit
Lise :^)

23/10/07 20:58  

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