Thursday, December 22, 2005

L'Espresso, Ballarat

This morning, as the first of Bracksy's "fast" trains was warming up for its maiden voyage, we motored into Ballarat for the first stop on our South Australian road trip. The Ballarat Fast Rail is an amazing feat of political, engineering and financial genius. In opposition, an $80 million promise. In government, an $800 million reality. But hey, it slashes at least a minute or two off the trip to the big smoke. It's even faster than Puffing Billy. And when you arrive, what better place to have breakfast than l'espresso, 417 Sturt Street, Tel +61 3 5333 1789. That's Italian for fast.

Having stumbled into l'espresso by accident, we were more than happy with the results. My parmesan scrambled eggs had just a hint of onion blended through the mix, and some fresh rocket on top. Together with the double smoked bacon, toasted brioche and sauteed mushrooms, it was an excellent combination of flavours. Very impressive.

The eggs benedict was equally good, although just a tad under-poached. The coffee was good too.

Other exotic-sounding menu items included Tuki lamb's fry with bacon and caramelised onions; zuchinni and sweet corn fritters; and sweet apple and pear creamed rice with toasted almond flakes.

Despite a slow start - we had a hard time getting anyone's attention at first - the service turned out to be pretty good. Not a bad venue either, with lots of street-side tables and a water bowl for the dog.

16/20 "parmesan scrambles"



Blogger paddy said...

love l├ęspresso. The french toast with bacon rocks, and they will make you a bloody mary that is truly wicked.

6/10/07 02:49  
Blogger Awad Elsyed said...

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12/6/21 03:05  

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