Wednesday, December 14, 2005

BearBrass, Southbank

Pushing the Eggs Benedict envelope one step further, this morning I was treated to poached eggs atop an unsplit slab of Turkish pide. Not two muffin halves. Not two slices of pide. One big slab. Innovative. Welcome to BearBrass, river level, Southgate, Tel +61 3 9682 3799.


The eggs and hollandaise were both quite good, and, to be fair, the pide was grilled. But it was all brought down by a couple of oily slices of ham, that appeared to have had a brief flirtation with a frying pan.

As a venue BearBrass is quite stylish, and brilliantly located. A great place to drag some visiting tourists for views of the city. But if the Benedict is any guide, I wouldn't come here for the food.

12/20 "nice view"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi jamie!

thanks for doing the review, it was interesting to read about how you found it. I tried the eggs benny there before and have to say I was quite impressed. The turkish bread was different. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the views!


22/12/05 06:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

southbank!!! aaaargh! hey - let's run a steamroller over all those tedious bits of melbourne, with all that horrid stuff like charm & history & vibrancy & character, say...anything older than 10 years...and build more southbank! yay! then we can have more banal restaurants like bearbrass (nice capS! ha!) yes, yes, yes! oh i think i'll have a latte & a sit-down at docklands now...

25/5/06 11:25  

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