Friday, October 28, 2005

Spring Espresso, Potts Point

Today, in the first of a frenzy of Sydney breakfasts, I dodged my way through the Kings Cross freak-show to a place called Spring Espresso, 65 Macleay Street, Potts Point, Tel +61 2 9331 0190. Apparently Wallpaper* once rated this place as Sydney's best breakfast spot, and first impressions (menu and venue) were good. Unfortunately, the food was shite. Steer clear of the baked egg pot at all costs.

It sounded good... baked eggs with pesto, tomato and fetta. But when it arrived, the pesto egg mix was dry and bland, the tomato lacked flavour, and I had as much chance of finding a stockpile of WMD as finding a bit of fetta. They had even sliced the rubbery top off someone else's egg pot and perched it on mine, in an effort to hide the fact that mine had failed to rise.

The good news is that Spring serves Cremcaffe, and it is without doubt the best coffee I've ever had.

11/20 "gone to pot"

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