Sunday, October 23, 2005

Kamel, Albert Park

On a nice quiet stretch of Vic Ave, a few doors along from Pets and the City, is Kamel, 19 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, Tel +61 3 9696 1386. So, having stocked up on Pippin's favorite pork knots and bully sticks (hours of chewing entertainment), we dropped in for a late (and enjoyable) brekky.

I was very happy with my scrambled eggs, mushrooms, beans and bangers. The four little Lebanese sausages (made from lamb with a hint of cinnamon) were particulary good. The baked butter beans and herb-roasted mushrooms were also very good, as was the ever-reliable Phillipa's honey-whole-wheat toast. The weakest link was probably the scrambles, which I would simply rate as good. It all came on a very cool square, battered-looking earthenware plate, which was a nice touch. They even had matching salt dishes with little red camels on them.

The salmon eggs benedict was a bit of a disappointment, mostly due to hard-poached eggs and skimpy layer of hollandaise. But at least it was real hollandaise.

The menu had most of what you'd hope to find at a good breakfast venue, including toast, fruit, muesli, porridge, omelettes, pancakes and toast. Some of the more interesting items were Ethiopian spice and honey toast; butterbeans with feta and Turkish bread; and egg, bacon and cheese jaffles.

The venue is small but comfortable, with front windows that open onto the street, and a few outside tables for dog-walkers, etc. The coffee (Genovese), service and value were all pretty good, although I did find the staff a but surly on a previous visit.

15/20 "cool plates"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for dropping by and clarifying the focus of your blog. i love the theme, breakfast being my favourite meal of the day.

do you steer away from the eggs-bacon-sausage route... sweet breakfasts are also a nice thing :)

will be back to check up on your breakfast adventures again- great work!

26/10/05 05:30  
Blogger Niki said...

I disagree; sweet breakfasts are wrong! But, I've never enjoyed an injection of sugar for my first meal of the day. I always love the *idea* of maple syrup french toast, and apple poached muesli, but when it comes to order, I can't go past eggs and salty accompaniment.
Very happy to find your blog; who knew there was another Melbourne foodblogger. Where have you been hiding?! Especially happy to find it bc I love cooked breakfasts, but am often disappointed by the cost and quality. I'm glad you've been there and done it for our advantage!

26/10/05 09:32  
Blogger Jatin Sethi said...

happy valentines day friend

22/12/19 18:49  

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