Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cult of the Food Blog

The Sydney Morning Herald Good Living magazine (11/10/05) regurgitates an Observer article on food blogging, which is actually an article about chezpim, and not much else. But they redeem themselves (partly) with a side-bar on Australian food and wine blogs, and yours truly cracks a mention. BB's first taste of mainstream media fame. Whoopee. Pity the hacks at The Age snubbed me in this week's copy-cat article in Epicure. Maybe they're worried about undermining their food guide monopoly. Eat me.


Blogger Ed said...

Don't worry a few of us were. I've tried to list all the Melbourne ones on my blog. Are you interested in getting together for A Melbourne Food Bloggers event somewhere with the rest of us?

28/10/05 13:40  
Blogger deborah said...

Don't mean to be unsympathetic, but usually peeps are fairly happy when food blogging gets a shout in the mainstream media. I suppose another thing is that I dont see having a food blog as a competitive thing. More like building a community over common interest, and having the access to write and share ones ideas. The day it becomes important about who got the most mentions will indeed be a sad day.

Also the journalist; Liesl Rampono began research for this article some time in July ( as she emailed me back then with a request for an interview), so I wouldn't call it a cop-cat article. The fact that it ran after the syndicated Observer article has more to say about the game plan of editors (and their budget) that it does a journo just jumping on the band wagon.

Just wanted to clarify, hope my words dont come across as harsh.

30/10/05 20:50  
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