Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Barista Espress, Melbourne

This morning I followed the trail of Vespa signage up Equitable Place to Barista Espress and settled in for some scrambled eggs. The coffee was excellent. The eggs were average.

It's not that there was anything too badly wrong with the scrambles. It's just that they were a bit too "eggy" and devoid of creaminess. The bacon was good, helped along by a slurp of HP sauce, and the fried mushrooms were pretty good too, although 3 small-medium mushroom caps is a bit light-on IMHO. The venue has a warm atmosphere, with high ceilings, dark timber and a chocolate brown paint job, but service isn't really a strong point. Nonetheless, it seems to be a very popular latte stop for the local suits, and deservedly so.


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