Sunday, June 19, 2005

Saragossa, Richmond

I'm starting to think the gods are conspiring to keep me and the Replete Providore corn fritters apart. First, I get a flat tyre on the way there. Then, our advance party reports back with bad news: we're facing at least a half hour wait for a table of six. So, invoking Plan B, I park my deflated scooter and hoof it round the corner to Saragossa, 369 Bridge Rd, Richmond, Tel +61 3 9429 7880. Quite appropriate really. Breakfast turned out to be very pedestrian affair.

My scrambled eggs weren't bad, they were just average (not at all creamy). The home-made baked beans weren't bad either, but you wouldn't call them good (neither thick nor rich). And although the bacon and toast were OK, I found both a little dry and disappointing.

The same was true for my fellow brunchers. Poached eggs OK, but a tad overdone and tasting of vinegar. Corn-flake crusted french toast looked good at first, but was dry and disappointing when you got stuck in.

Saragossa is spacious and fairly stylish as a venue, and the staff are pretty good. At about $15 a head it's not bad value, but not IMHO worthy of a repeat visit. In fact, "not bad" is about the best way I can think to sum the place up.

11/20 "eggs ordinaire"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interested. Keep Blogging!

24/12/05 06:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you but it has gone, is now a real estate office. But there is more than enough good food venues in Richmond.

6/11/08 09:23  

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