Friday, June 24, 2005

Queen Mary 2, The High Seas

The Cunard Line very modestly describes the Queen Mary 2 as "the world's largest, longest, tallest, grandest ocean liner ever". Sounds great, but how good is the breakfast?

Well, according to Norman (former member of a secret society known as the Gourmet Bastards), the Eggs Benedict were pretty good, but probably not the "world's greatest". Then again, with 1,300 mouths to feed, you need to cut them a little slack.

The weak link was the muffins, which were under-toasted, chewy and hard to cut (an all-too-familar story). Apart from that, no major complaints... well poached eggs (good shape, whites cooked, yolks runny), high quality hollandaise, a choice of English or Canadian bacon (very lightly grilled), and a few decorative strands of fresh chives.

This particular dish was enjoyed in the Brittania restaurant, a cavernous, multi-story dining room, where the service was "silver" and the atmosphere grand. Which makes me wonder, where does one go for "gold" service?


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