Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Langton's, Melbourne

Need to close a big deal over breakfast? Look no further than Langton's, 61 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Tel +61 3 9663 0222. It's stylish, it's spacious, and the service is slick. Shame about the eggs.

It's not that my eggs were bad. It's just that they were disappointing, given all the fancy sounding brand-name produce that went into them. These weren't just eggs, they were "Tulloch Farm Organic Pasture Fed Eggs". How could I not expect the best?

The main problem with my scrambles was that they were ever so slightly separated, making them seem wet rather than creamy. They were also somewhat salty, with a few visible flecks of egg white dotted throughout. Nothing worth making a big fuss about, but a disappointing end for such fine, pasture fed eggs.

I was pleased to see some simple choices like two boiled eggs with toast and sea salt, as well as the classics of Benedict and Florentine (although I didn't get to eyeball or try either of these).

In addition to brand-name eggs, Langton's offers a Croque Monsieur with "Heidi Gruyere", sourdough toast with preserves by "Berry King", French toasted sandwich wih cream cheese and "Seville Orange Marmalade", and toasted muesli with "Meredith Sheep's Milk Yoghurt". The odd man out was the coffee, which, as far as I could tell, was un-branded. Nonetheless, it was good.

Whatever your order, you'll be sure to eat in comfort and style... fresh water when you arrive, little bowls of rock salt and two-tone sugar cubes on the table, and very comfy chairs. There's even a sunken "mini deck" where deal makers can puff their way though an early morning power breakfast, enjoying the fresh city air.

At about $30 for two, the price was surprisingly low, but I think that had something to do with my associate's order of a single poached egg on toast (ultra minimalist).

14/20 "slickest city venue"


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