Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Syracuse, Melbourne

I used to think "breakfast out" was a weekend treat. Not any more. Thanks to Syracuse, Bank Place, Melbourne, Tel +61 3 9670 1777, the mid-week business breakfast is firmly back on the agenda.

It's not the biggest brekky you'll ever find, nor the best, but it's very good, and the venue never fails to impress. With high ceilings, dim lights and mis-matched antiques, Syracuse has an air of refined euro-chic, albeit on the wrong side of the globe.

My associate (it was, after all, a business breakfast) had no complaints about his fried eggs, served sunny side up with a "very tasty" side of portobello mushrooms. I was equally happy with the scrambles, which, although quite soft, were rich and creamy. They teamed up well with some grilled bacon, a side of spinach, and a couple of slices of golden sourdough toast.

Short and sweet, the Syracuse menu is a flip-flopper's friend. Choose between porridge, blueberry pancakes, "chorizo and bean cassoulet", toast, eggs and a few other bits n pieces. Wash it down with some Grinders coffee (excellent), or maybe a glass of fresh OJ (also excellent). The range is narrow (no benedict), but the quality is good.

Possibly the biggest surprise was the price... just under $30 for a great breakfast (two people), with great service, in a great venue. I'll be back. Soon.

15/20 "short, sweet, chic"


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