Saturday, February 26, 2005

Riverdeck Cafe, Bright

This weekend, we took Pippin (our Pomeranian puppy) on his first big road trip, to a place called Wandiligong, about three hours North of Melbourne. We might just as well have landed in "The Shire". It was green hills and hobbit houses as far as the eye could see. On Saturay morning, we headed down to nearby Bright for breakfast (actually, it was more like second breakfast) at the Riverdeck Cafe, 119 Gavan Street, +61 3 5755 2199. Frodo would have loved it.

I must admit, first impressions had me worried. Plastic chairs and plastic toast (the perfectly white, perfectly square stuff) tend to signal that plastic eggs are on the way. So I was pleasantly surprised when my brekky arrived (hand delivered by the chef). A decent pile of firm, moist scrambles, topped with tasty bacon and a side of mushies. Very good indeed. But for the oily hash brown and the soggy toast, this would have been up there with the best.

Although the menu was limited, and the 11.30 cut-off annoying, the riverside setting was very pleasant. At just over $15 for my eggs and a coffee (pretty good), this wasn't a cheap brekky, but it wasn't bad value either.

11/20 "plastic toast, great eggs"


Blogger Gageless said...

Mate, I love your blog. I too am a breakfast lover and find iother meals pale in comparison.

I didnt know if I should share this with you but there is one breakfast that rules them all.

Go to Cafe 328.
328 Nicholson street, Fitzroy.

It's in a shit part of town, and run by a husband and wife team (George and Maria).

Mate, I know its hard to go past the $3.50 scrambled eggs (!!) but order the big breaky and a vanilla milkshake.

I eat there every Saturday without fail. Ask them about me. I'm the guy who uses all their tabasco sauce.

Seriously, this is not a joke. There is no finer breakfast in Melbourne.

9/5/07 16:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11/12/09 00:27  
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