Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder

Well it must be said that RHCL is much better than I remember from previous visits. Best of all, they serve an excellent house-made sausage and buttered spinach. Pretty good scrambles, too...

rhcl sausage n eggs

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think they forgot to turn the lights on!!!

23/4/08 10:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RH Cafe and Larder ranges between dreadful and wonderful on a dish by dish basis. Makes it such a difficult place.

30/5/08 22:39  
Blogger Pluggin has been and will return to Japan said...

Hey everytime Im in Melbourne I go through your blog piece by piece and it's a wealth of brekkie info!
I have one question for thy local -- I'm flying on early one friday morning and probably staying at the Quest East Melb (near the MCG on Wellington Parade). This is for an all day tattoo session in Richmond. Where is a divine place nearby to carb up?? :) thanks heaps

28/11/08 15:03  
Blogger exchef said...

this place rules. The waiters are excellent... on a par with the best 5 star restaurants in the world (some of which I have worked in) the cheese room... superb. I have had many wonderful visits. I love this place. the handmade sausages... just awesome. its super simple thats what makes it great. coffee... umm forgettable but still drinkable.

1/4/09 12:33  

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