Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder

Well it must be said that RHCL is much better than I remember from previous visits. Best of all, they serve an excellent house-made sausage and buttered spinach. Pretty good scrambles, too...

rhcl sausage n eggs

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think they forgot to turn the lights on!!!

23/4/08 10:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RH Cafe and Larder ranges between dreadful and wonderful on a dish by dish basis. Makes it such a difficult place.

30/5/08 22:39  
Blogger exchef said...

this place rules. The waiters are excellent... on a par with the best 5 star restaurants in the world (some of which I have worked in) the cheese room... superb. I have had many wonderful visits. I love this place. the handmade sausages... just awesome. its super simple thats what makes it great. coffee... umm forgettable but still drinkable.

1/4/09 12:33  

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